Tips and Techniques: Exterior House Painting

A fresh coat of paint is the most inexpensive way to freshen up and protect exterior of your home. It transforms the look of your house in less time and for less cash than any other renovation project. Paint forms the first line of defense against rain, snow, sun and wind. Also old wood regularly needs the protection of a new coat of paint.


Here are some tips and techniques you should follow to make sure your exterior paint joblooks great, adds value to your home and lasts for a long time.

 Important things to consider while painting 

 ➢  Getting started

  • Remove extra items- Remove as many items as you can like outdoor furniture, light fixtures, plants, mailboxes, shutters etc. Don’t forget to protect any bushes or items that cannot be removed by covering them up with drop clothes.
  • Wash- It is important as it removes the dirt and broken-down paint residues that keep fresh coats from adhering and gets rid of mildew that grows on paint in all climates but mostly in arid climates.
  • Scrape off loose paint- You can use a handheld scraper or a hot air gun for this job. But never use an open- flame torch as it can easily start a fire. Also, if your paint contains lead, then you will have to take special care of yourself while scraping and sanding.
  • Repair damaged surfaces- After washing, scraping and sanding your wood siding, check what you have uncovered; holes, dings and chips. Seal any cracks as well as joints where one type of exterior material meets another like window frames, door frames, molding etc.
  • Prime- Primers are made to penetrate, seal and provide a good surface for the top coats to stick to. If you are replacing walls that have become dusty or chalky then choose a chalky wall sealer and for new construction, latex primer works well for vinyl and most wood siding. Remember, if the surface of paint is clean and sound, then you can also skip the priming step.

➢  Types of exterior paints- You have to choose from these two type of paints; water based latex and oil based.

Latex cleans up with soap and water. It dries quickly and has fewer odors.

Alkyd paints require paint thinner for cleanup. They are durable and stain- resistant. They flow very smoothly.

➢  Always start in the shade- When starting a painting project, always begin on side of the house that will remain in the shade until you finish as direct sunlight can cause paint to dry too quickly and in result can cause lap marks and blistering.

➢  Start from top- Starting at the top and working your way down while painting will help you control streaks and it will help you to work with gravity rather than against it.      

Proper techniques of painting

 ➢  While you are using a brush

  • Always hold a brush near the base of the handle.
  • Always dip half the bristles into the paint and tap on the line on the can. Don’t wipe it on the side.
  • A 1″-“2” brush has excellent control; therefore it is well suited for detail work such as cutting in around windows or painting molding.

➢  While you are using a roller

  • First, roll the roller slowly into the tray which includes paint. Then, roll it back and forth until roller cover is evenly coated with paint.
  • Don’t forget to roll onto the tray’s ridges as it will remove excess paint.
  • For painting on smooth surfaces, first cover about a two foot square space and then cross roll to spread the paint.
  • For painting on horizontal or vertical siding, follow the direction of siding and cover about four linear feet at a time.
  • For painting on porous or textured surface, use a heavy- nap roller cover.

➢  While you are using painter’s tape

  • First apply painter’s tape on trim to create sharp and even line.
  • Use a putty knife to press and smooth your tape. It will keep paint from seeping under the tape edge.
  • When your paint is dry to the touch, then remove the tape.

You can also ask professionals for Exterior Painting as they have experience of this work for years and have the proper skills and tools to complete the task. They will save you time and energy.

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7 Top Tips For Bathroom Remodeling And Renovations

Bathroom remodeling can instantly give a makeover to your house and increase the value of your home at the same time. Bathroom renovations can be tricky but a well-plannedbathroom remodeling can perk up your house at an affordable price, say remodeling experts at Masterly Inc. at Beverly Hills. Here they explain how you can remodel your bathroom, hassle-free.


It is important to have a time frame in mind before embarking on a bathroom remodelingproject. Great remodeling contractors such as Masterly Inc. at Beverly Hills will always ask what timelines you have in mind. The time frame also has cost implications. It makes sense to ask the experts how long it will take and then you can mutually decide a realistic time frame.


Put down on paper a list of all the ideas you have in your head about remodeling of your bathroom. New flooring? Soft recessed lighting? Modern fixtures? Partitions? Functional Cabinetry? Do you want a bathroom shower renovation? This list will be useful in calculating how much it would cost for your bathroom remodeling in Beverly Hills.


Making a budget is important since it will give your remodeler an idea of the boundaries within which to work. At the same time, keep some room for an idea that may crop up during the process and increase expenditure.


Tasks like flooring, lighting, and plumbing are best left to experienced hands. Bathroom shower renovation and remodeling contractors, Masterly Inc. can give your bathroom a makeover at an affordable price.


The little things such as wall outlets and shower height could enhance or destroy the look of your bathroom. It’s important that you share your thoughts on these with bathroom remodeling contractors in advance so that you are on the same page.


A beautiful mirror is the focal point of your bathroom. A strategically placed mirror can not only enhance the beauty of the space but also give the illusion of a larger space.


Are you looking for a big tub or a showerhead would do just fine? These are the questions you need to ask before going for bathroom remodeling since a tub would take up a lot space and affect the remodeling of the rest of your bathroom. Other things like whether you want a tub whose contours mirror your body or a shower enclosure is needed for more privacy would also have to be taken into account when you seek the help of Masterly Inc. for your bathroom remodeling or renovations.

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