Landscaping and Gardening Tips for your Yard

Your yard is a space for everyone in your family to enjoy; keeping this fact in mind it is a good idea to landscape your garden with all the features that makes it a fun and relaxing outdoor space for everyone. But with harsh Australian weather conditions, it can be difficult to maintain a lush garden, but read on for some landscaping and gardening tips to dress up your outdoor space…

Landscape your Garden with Different Spaces

Create garden spaces to serve all family members, like a patio or sitting area for adults and smaller open spaces for children to play. Lawns and pathways give that beautiful lush look to your yard. You might also want to complement that green look by planting trees and shrubs along the pathways.

Outdoor Landscaping Materials

Selecting the right materials for landscaping your garden defines the overall character of your yard. Stone paver, pebbles and tiles can help create a natural look. A wooden or stone bench at the edge of your yard creates a cosy sitting area to spend a relaxed evening. Different types of lighting enhances the night time appeal. Your garden can also be landscaped and designed around a water feature.

Plant Fast-Growing Shrubs

The hot sunlight and frequent dry spells in Australia can be a challenge when it comes to getting that green, shady look for your garden. One way to get over this issue is to use fast growing plants to cover up dry patches. For example, ornamental grasses grow fast, they are hardy, low maintenance and require very little water. Some varieties also give beautiful flowers which add vibrant colour to your garden space.

Creeping Vines for Fences

Climbing vines and creepers are an excellent option if you want to cover a problem area or a fence in your yard. Creeping vines can be trained to grow along a specific area, usually with the use of a wire or mesh and regular pruning. Additionally these plants are low maintenance and require less water to thrive, making them a perfect solution for landscaping your garden.

Adding Colour and Form

Small potted plants are easy to maintain while also providing colour and texture to your garden. Use small, fast growing plants that thrive in your climate. A potted plant with brightly coloured flowers placed strategically gives a new dimension to your entire yard space.

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Knowing All About Landscaping Services

When someone comes to your house, restaurant, hotel and offices, etc. the first things they see are the exteriors such as the pavements, and the pathway outside your premises. The greenery and the turf, etc., all is noticeable and definitely adds to the beauty of your house or residence. There are many services available these days that offer these services. Dorado Hills Green Landscaping provides services such as the putting greens, artificial turf placing, patios, and all other kind of landscape and concrete installation.


Such services are available in plenty and you can chose from them. You can visit the website and also get an estimate for the work that you need them to do for your commercial or residential buildings. The best part is that many companies that provide such services offer the service at a very reasonable price so that all building and houses can look good. Many of these companies work in eco-friendly manner and also build bio swales, rain gardens and practice river friendly landscaping. So this again is a good thing and you need not really worry about how they will as they are professionals. You may also get their number online and then call them to ask any clarifications or doubts and then hire them for your landscaping purposes.

Such companies also provide services such asCommercial Landscaping Services who take care of all the commercial building landscaping. Another important thing, which many people avoid or neglect, is the driveway and the other landscaping just outside your doors and offices. Having beautiful and smooth driveways are always good and should be installed.

Stamped Concretes are very popular these days and is also looks very nice and goes with many big houses, hotels and restaurants. Stamped concrete is a concrete that is a textured or patterned so that it resembles a brick or a slate or tile or others. There are many services available these days that offer these services. They can provide you will all kinds and various designs of concrete which will make your house and building premises look classy and will make it look compatible with you’re the building design. Most of these companies who provide these services have online websites and you can look up for them and then choose a suitable company for your landscaping purpose. The services are not very expensive, they are rather very reasonable and you can

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Few effective tips for laying a beautiful lawn turf

Everyone desires have fresh looking and high quality lawn that looks aesthetically pleasing and adds value to their property. But, not every homeowner has expertise in gardening. Growing lawn from scratch or having a new one isn’t nearly difficult as you might think, even if you’re a novice.

It will be beneficial to pick the best and only experienced supplier for Coventry turf supplieslike topsoil and garden turfs. Simply follow tips to have a healthy and beautiful lawn at your space:

  • Determining your exact needs: First of all, pick your moment and determine how should be your dream lawn. It’s best to know the right time to grow your lawn and determine the exact needs.
  • Removing the old lawn: Whether you’ve a small or big lawn area, your old, worn lawn needs to be removed. If you’ve a small garden area, this can be done by slicing underneath the grass with turf spade. For the larger ones, you can hire turf cutter. Homeowner needs to make sure that old lawn is completely removed.
  • Preparing the ground thoroughly: To prepare the ground, soil should be cultivated or turned over to a depth or around 150mm. By using a spade, one can dig the soil manually or you can have a powered cultivator for less labor intensive approach and more thorough breaking up of soil. To add much needed nutrients to the existing soil and make your preparation easier, it’s necessary to add high quality top soil to it. From some reputable lawn turf suppliers, you can buy high-quality topsoil that is screened to give your lawn the best start.
  • Buying a good-quality turf: Homeowners need to check what sort or turf is best suited to their desires, climate and their exact needs. It is advisable to buy the turfs that are grown locally and harvested on daily basis. From turf suppliers, you can buy good quality turf rolls with right length and thickness. Ideally, you should buy only fresh rolls and try to lay them as early as possible.
  • Laying the turf perfectly: While laying the turf, start at one side and work across and lay the turfs close together in a pattern like bricks. You may also need to add or remove the soil to level the ground and if a turf looks a lower than it’s neighboring turfs, remove a bit of soil.
  • Regularly maintain your lawn: To allow your lawn to root, leave it undisturbed and regularly maintain it. You can also hire the professionals for maintenance.
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Stump Grinding Can Transform Your Landscape

When trees are cut off at the stump, whether due to disease or potential danger, the entire base is left behind — it’s big, it’s ugly, and it takes up precious space. Now’s the time to address the issue and clear away the last signs of that tree through professional, efficient stump grinding.

Appearance Matters

The large stump in your yard might not bother you, but what about your neighbors, or more importantly, potential home buyers? If you plan on selling your home, curb appeal is a major factor and could make or break a potential buyer’s final decision on buying your property.

Stump grinding is meant to clean up your yard, restore its appearance and erase all traces of the old tree. You can plant grass or flowers in its place, install a patio or build a garden shed.

Stumps Are Safety Hazards

While safety is mostly an issue only with small, hard-to-see stumps, large stumps can cause problems as well. When guests or pets are walking or running through your yard, they might not notice a small stump and trip and fall. Stump removal takes away this risk.

Encourage Healthy Vegetation Growth

Stumps left to rot in a yard encourage pests to nest and eat away at the wood. When stumps contract diseases, they can spread and affect nearby healthy trees. If this results in those trees having to be cut down as well, it reduces the appeal of your landscape and makes it less environmentally friendly.

Stump grinding removes all traces of visible wood, and even can be ground deeply enough so another tree can be planted in the old tree’s place.

In addition, grinding, as opposed to other forms of stump removal, disturbs the surrounding landscape the least, allowing grass, flowers and plants to continue growing healthily without trauma.

Invest in Future Convenience

Think about all times you’ll have to mow your lawn. Do you really want to have to maneuver around a tree stump every single time? Stump grinding removes the obstacle permanently, and the headache of mowing and trimming vegetation along with it.

An Added Benefit? Use the Mulch

Once the tree stump has been ground, you’ll have a nice pile of mulch. You can have the tree service remove the debris, or you can use it in your garden.

This way, the nutrients in the stump will be returned to the soil, further encouraging healthy growth of nearby grass and plants. You can use it as fertilizer or groundcover.

Is Stump Grinding Always the Answer?

In some cases, a tree’s root system poses a threat to a home’s foundation, or the roots have already begun to creep underneath a driveway, causing damage to the structure. Stump grinding does not address these types of problems, but it does cause the tree to stop growing, halting the root damage in the process.

You may need excavation of damaging roots in addition to stump grinding to completely solve any issues you’re having, so discuss your specific situation with an experienced arborist beforehand.

Make an appointment today with a tree service specialist and find out if stump grinding is the right route to take after removing trees in your yard.

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Your Lawn: How to Maintain it & Ensure its Health

Finally, we get to the essence of the matter. If you have got the right soil, and you have planted the right grass, how do you keep your lawn clean and green? Here are a few maintenance components to take into consideration:


This is easy. The general rule is to water deeply, when the lawn really requires it, rather than watering frivolously more regularly. If you water lightly, the water will not make it down into the soil so it will truly not be worth it. You should water sufficient to soak 15 to 20 cm (5 to 10 inches) deep, inspiring the roots to grow deep into the ground. Watering references vary amid diverse soil types, but as a general rule, water until there is about 2.5 cm of water (an inch) over the grounds surface.

Water as soon as the grass begins to dry out. Its colour will change from green to bluish grey, and it will lose some of its spring. If the grass does not spring back a few seconds after you step on it, it desires water. The best time to water is in the early morning; the water will not fade as effortlessly as in the afternoon, and it will cool the lawn down as temperatures begin climbing.


Fertilizing augments nutrients to the soil so that the soil can deliver nutrients to the grass. If you mow frequently, your grass will grow very quickly, which means it needs more nutrients than a regular plant. Your soil can deliver nutrients for most innate plants by itself, but it may need some help to nourish your grass.


This decreases the workload on a grass plant’s root system. A large culm above-ground needs more water and nutrients from underground. It is easier for the roots to deliver for the plant if the culm is smaller. Mowing also reassures the grass plant expands. When the blades cut down the leaves, the plant has to grow new leaves to captivate sunlight. This helps build a denser, thicker lawn, which is more resilient to disease and weeds and anything else that may effect your lawn negatively. It may be a good idea to hire professional lawn care servicesto ensure that your lawn is well maintained and stays healthy at all times.

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The perfect cut for stylish lawns

With spring approaching, lawn care experts point out that not all mowing techniques are the same. “Simply mowing your lawn is not enough,” says John Ladds, the operations manager at Weed Man Canada. “For the healthiest, most attractive lawns, mowing properly makes all the difference.”

The pros recommend brushing up on the following best practices:

Know when to mow

Before that first mowing, make sure that there is no standing water and that your grass has had a chance to air dry. Any excess debris should be removed as well. Mow frequently enough to shave the top third of your grass blades while maintaining a mower height of 7.5 to 8.5 cm. This could mean two to three times per week during periods of rapid growth such as spring and fall.

Tune it Up

After sitting in the shed all winter, your lawn mower could really benefit from some care. Whether you do it yourself, or take it in to a shop, make sure you change the oil, and check that all cables, spark plugs, air filters, brakes and wheels are in good condition.

Stay Sharp

A sharp blade ensures that your mower is cutting the grass cleanly. Improperly shorn or frayed grass is not only unsightly, but can also make your lawn more susceptible to disease. Remember that new mowers require sharpening too; factory-sharpened blades are not sufficient for mowing. Mower blades need sharpening two to three times per season. You could consider purchasing a second blade that can be switched out when it’s time to sharpen.

Technique Rules

If you mow north/south one week, try east/west the next. Alternating your mowing direction keeps grass blades growing straight, allowing for better air circulation and light penetration. For a professional look, mow in straight lines and overlap your wheel’s line marks slightly. Keep lawn edges looking clean by using a trimmer to shape areas around curbs and sidewalks.

Mulch your clippings

For much of the year it is recommended that you use your mower’s mulching functionality, as this returns valuable nutrients back to the soil. For the first and last mow of the year, however, attaching your mower’s bag can help keep your lawn clean and breathing easily.

Don’t Compete

As a further complication, these coastal conditions can also make an excellent breeding ground for moss. Moss competes directly with your lawn for nutrients, and can be an issue if left unchecked. Keeping humidity, acidity, and shade under control should help, but for persistent problems, a lawn care expert may be consulted to help with a professional moss management plan.

A Little Off the Top

Everyone on the coast knows that lawns can sometimes undergo what seems like uncontrollable, rampant growth. Under these conditions it can be tempting to mow too low, causing reduced root growth and compromising the overall health of your lawn. Instead, maintain a mower height of at least 7.5 cm, and mow regularly enough to remove the topmost 1/3 of grass blades.

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