Travertine Pool Deck Will Enhance Your Swimming Pool Area

The perfect swimming pool deck should be aesthetically pleasing, safe, and durable, so you need to choose the right materials. Travertine is one of the best materials that you can consider. The pavers are ideal for many outdoor applications—including the swimming pool deck—and they are cost-effective to use. Travertine can dramatically enhance your swimming pool area when you choose it as the material for your pool deck.

About Travertine

Travertine—which is similar to marble and limestone—is a natural rock that has been used for building many of the most majestic and iconic ancient structures that are still known today. The Roman Coliseum is an example of this. Moreover, travertine pavers are ideal for outdoor applications that require a durable, attractive, and slip-proof surface, like the swimming pool or spa area.

Best for Your Feet

Natural stone suppliers typically provide travertine pavers in a chiseled or tumbled edge finish. Both are easy on your feet and will minimize the chances of slipping and falling when the floor is wet. Moreover, the porous nature of the stone prevents heat from being quickly absorbed. Hence, you do not have to worry about walking or sitting on a hot deck, especially on a very hot summer day. The finishes maintain the naturally porous characteristics of the stone for an all-natural look that blends into your outdoor landscape. At the same time, this quality lets travertine pavers make your pool deck look more elegant.

Create a custom pool deck with travertine pavers

Tumbled and chiseled edge travertine pavers come in different sizes in an assortment of colors. Hence, you should be able to find something that will match your design and will let you create a uniquely bespoke look for your pool deck. A tumbled edge finish can offer a classic and sophisticated look to your pool deck with its faded colors and rounded edges. With loose imperfections and tiny chips removed, the tumbled edge travertine paver is an extremely solid material for your pool deck. If you want to enhance the hue, you may use a stone enhancer on it.

Brushed and chiseled edge travertine pavers can recreate a rustic or old world look for your swimming pool area with their rough edges. This look is reminiscent of extraordinary palatial venues and Renaissance castles. The unfilled and honed finish of chiseled pavers makes them versatile as borders or as contrasting materials to another pool deck material. This way, you can create a truly customized look for your swimming pool area.

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